This website is going to be a portal for a new project that I want to try out. I’m going to post basic, bare bones tracks of music that people can add to and upload until we have a kick ass song that will melt the ladies hearts and make people clap they hands and dance to the beat! This idea was first realized last Saturday night when I posted a simple drumbeat with guitar to my Facebook page. With 24 hours it had drums on it, vocals, keyboards, bass, you name it. Here is the end result. In the spirit of this project this music will be available for free download. In the event that we have a full album’s worth of material we might make it available for download with any monies generated going to charity. Here is the result of our first endeavor:

“Ornery Cowboy” by Dean Ween and his Facebook Friends.

So I recorded a few tracks, a guitar and a simple metronome beat, totally bare bones, and posted it on my personal page. I invited everyone to add to it and see if we could create a song that was listenable. Some of the shit people did was really bad, others blew my mind. with the help of mike huetz, who i’ve known for a long time and did some classic editing, we were able to line up these tracks and make it into a “song”. i’m posting the original track i put up, and the finished product. i can’t keep track of who ended up on the final version but needless to say, this is pretty impressive. My original bare bones version first:

and the final version which is Dean Ween on guitar and Bass, Mike Huetz (mad scientist, drum programming, editing, god knows what else), Jason Bambeezle on vocals, Laura Tate and her husband on 2nd Bass, Christopher Michael on Clavinet. Thanks to the others who didn’t make the cut, in most cases we just ran out of space—the song is complete and there’s no room for any more tracks!