The Facebook Band Releases it’s 2nd track

Well, this jam was a lot harder than the first one, we put a lot of time and love into this and I got swamped with a million contributions. Thank you to everyone who submitted tracks, there were so many good ideas from so many people–this time we upped the ante with a more difficult arrangement and were rewarded when everyone rose to the challenge. The song (which started out as nothing but a drumbeat) evolved into this funky throwback to the sound of the early 70′s Meters or War. The title ended up being “Someone Greased The Fat Man” and here is the personnel on the final track:

Dean Ween-Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Mike Huetz-Guitar, Bass, Editing, Keys
Rich Scannella-Drums
Erica Ward-Vocals
Christopher Michael-Guitar
John Moore-Guitar
Ralph Liberto-Horns

Here is the song–play it loud—after this experience I’m gonna take a breather and think about our next direction, which constantly evolves with every submission. If you have submitted tracks and they didn’t get used, please don’t give up on this project. there are only so many tracks you can put on one tune (we can’t use 11 guitar tracks–that’s about 7 too many) and finding the balance of tracks to get the most cohesive song is ever bit as important as the song itself. If that makes any sense. Play it loud and enjoy. Thanks to Mike Huetz for working overtime on the mix. 

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