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The Hurricane has affected our area in a devastating way. Many of my closest friends who reside at the coastal areas of NJ have lost everything. Most people in this area are without power and it doesn’t look like it will be coming back on anytime in the immediate future. I’m taking a break from answering questions here while helping out some friends, family members and loved ones. Here are the places that house me and the places that have meant so much to me in my life:

The house on the right is where Ween recorded The Mollusk and wrote Quebec and White Pepper. This is before the storm even made landfall. I’m sure it’s not standing at this point.

This is down the street from my marina. These boats belong to the people in my marina, in the neighboring slips of Archangel, there are 28 boats unaccounted for. They simply washed away and ended up in front yards, washed out to sea, wherever the water dropped them is where they are right now.

The trailer I shared with my sister, this is not the plot of land it originally sat on. She was forced to sell it recently. One of my places of refuge for the past 10 years. Holgate–Long Beach Island, NJ.

Philadelphia Ave. in Lavalette, NJ looking West. This is where I normally stay a couple dozen times a year when I’m running charters, at the home of my friends Bill and Maura. The house is at the end of the street and all I see down there is water. I was just sleeping there less than 7 days ago while prepping the boat for the upcoming Striper season. Doesn’t look good, that gazebo is not normally in the street, nor is the water or the sand.

LBI Blvd. home of my mate Randy Matlack and my fishing mentor Margaret O’Brien of Jingle’s Bait and Tackle. This was towards the beginning of the storm, it got much worse after this picture was snapped.

Rt. 35 looking south by Nick Honachefsky’s house. Nick is my best friend and this was my home away from home. Reports are that the house burned to the ground along with all the others on the block and washed away, along with all of his worldly possessions.
Here is a video of a Blackhawk Helicopter doing a fly-by of the immediate neighborhood:


Needless to say, this is something that never happens here in NJ. I can’t imagine it happening on a regular basis anywhere. Many NJ coastal towns have been destroyed, some completely. It will be a very long time before these people are back on their feet. If you can think of a way to donate your time or money to help these people rebuild their lives it would be greatly appreciated, maybe the Red Cross? Many people are going to be without power for weeks to come. Also without heat, food, fuel, etc. The extent of the damage hasn’t even begun to reveal itself yet. The timing of this could never be good, but many of my close friends who reside there depend on fishing as well as the tourism industry for their livelihoods and that is a tough way to make a living even during a good economy. We are all going to need to work together to get NJ back on it’s feet again but we are Jersey Strong and will work together and make it happen.


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