One of our proudest achievements

so I was wondering how Ween got involved with Spongebob Squarepants? I
know you guys did the shoe-tying song that was in one of the early
episodes, and then Ocean Man was in the movie – did you know someone
working on the show, or did they come seek Ween out?

A- This is one of those things that we just happened to take a chance on. The show wasn’t even on the air yet and the founder Stephen Hillenburg called me and told me was a marine biologist who was starting a cartoon about underwater sea creatures and that the Mollusk was a big reference point for him creatively and would we like to do a song for the show. He told me that it was about learning to tie your shoes and they would do the animation to our lyrics. We wrote it in about 3 minutes on my couch and we recorded it on X-mas eve that year (I remember that we forgot about the deadline and they were angry) so we wrote it and cut it in less than an hour. The shows is one of the best children’s shows ever. We are very proud to have been a part of it. They went on to use and reference us a lot on that show and the subsequent movie. I can’t find a video on youtube due to copyright infringement (oh the irony) but there is a vid with some stills.

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